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University Faculty Award

Professor Heng Xu was awarded the 2021-2022 American University Faculty Award for Outstanding Scholarship, Research, Creative Activity, and other Professional Contributions. The annual award is given to a faculty member who has achieved distinction as a scholar as documented through...

Working Paper - Fairness of Ratemaking for Catastrophe Insurance

We posted on SSRN a working paper by Nan Zhang and Heng Xu, addressing the problem of fair ratemaking in catastrophe insurance.

Privacy Measurement Project

We gratefully acknowledge Meta Research for their generous support of our project “Addressing biases in measurement of self-reported privacy constructs”, which was selected as part of the 2021 People’s Expectations...

From Contextualizing to Context-Theorizing

In an article forthcoming at Management Science, we developed a conceptual framework and its associated methodological instantiation for assessing how context-oriented nuances influence privacy concerns.

Woman of Achievement Award

Heng Xu received The Woman of Achievement Award from the IEEE International Conference on Big Data Security on Cloud, for her “substantial contributions either in research, product development or mentoring”...

RSA Conference Panel on "AI meets cybersecurity"

In an upcoming RSA Conference webcast, Heng Xu will join a panel of experts to discuss “AI meets cybersecurity: crossing the streams and how to manage the dynamic results”.

Implications of Anonymization on Disparity Detection

In an article forthcoming at Management Science, we examined the extent to which data anonymization could mask the gross statistical disparities between sub-populations in the data.

Reconcile Paradoxical Findings Through an Analytical Lens

In an article forthcoming at MIS Quarterly, we launched an interdisciplinary inquiry into the feasibility of leveraging advanced analytical techniques to collectively reason about the conflicting findings in behavioral research....

CACM Research Highlight

In the research highlights section of the February 2021 issue, Communications of the ACM (CACM) published an article co-authored by Nan Zhang, “Scalable Signal Reconstruction for a Broad Range of Applications”.